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Tackle rogue spending and drive efficiencies with ReQlogic, a highly configurable end-to-end productivity suite that adapts to your business, delivering powerful workflow automation and enhanced visibility – anytime, anywhere.

With over 60,000 users worldwide, ReQlogic has the functionality, the in-market experience and the support services you need to add value to your Microsoft Dynamics environment.

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What is ReQlogic?

ReQlogic is a complete end to end procurement system, encompassing the entire eProcurement cycle. Organized into four main modules, Requisitions, Invoicing, Expenses and Timesheets, ReQlogic provides a robust set of features powered by workflow functionality that enables advanced routing – helping you reduce costs and increase value.


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Why Choose ReQlogic?

ReQlogic is Easy to Use

  • ReQlogic was designed with the user in mind. The user interface is intuitive and simple, eliminating busy screens and unnecessary options to take the guesswork out of what needs to be completed.
  • ReQlogic’s configuration tools make it easy to add, adjust, and edit functionality to meet your specific workflow and requisitioning needs.
  • Behind this modest interface, ReQlogic is powered by a strong workflow that guides you through the entire expense, requisition and invoice process.
  • ReQlogic has the easiest menu-based navigation in the industry, allowing you to add, adjust, and edit functionality to meet your specific workflow and requisitioning needs.
  • The mobile functionality allows any web-enabled device to access real-time submission,  review and approval processes across all the modules – anytime, anywhere.
  • The key element of ReQlogic’s workflow is the dynamic and flexible approval routing capability, which eliminates time-wasting bottlenecks.

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The ReQlogic Difference

There are many robust features within the solution that make ReQlogic the longest established provider of eProcurement solutions.

What Makes ReQlogic Different?

  • Unlimited Support
  • Solution Expertise

  • Highly Configurable

  • Strongest Workflow

  • Local Languages

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